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1 juli, 2019

A story for a token

A story for a token

Summer 2012 was a happening holiday! Granny Anita came up with the idea to taker her grandchildren to Amsterdam, the capital of the tulips. Though unusual such trip may seem for a nice Jewish mother from Stockholm, for whom the only thought of such city full of naked women standing by the window gave her shivers, granny was convinced that Amsterdam was also a cultural metropolis which was both worth seeing and smelling.

Little did the grandchildren know, that granny Anita had greater plans than standing by the door of a dodgy Dutch hotel. During two intense days, not only did she manage to meet her classmate friend Victor from the 60’s, with whom she smoked the peace pipe, but took her grandchildren on a rowing boat with a hole, in one of the busiest canals in the whole city.

Not happy with that, she decided to show her Jewish heritage, at the Jewish Dutch museum, where her grandchildren where met by the photo of a benevolent Jesus staring from above.
Nonetheless, the highest point of the season, was to finally put the grandchildren into work, letting them dip their fingers into the dough to make mini braided chalots, manufactured right there and then!
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