In sailed the Jews!

Discover Jewish Marstrand this summer! Visit our outdoor exhibition at Marstrand from July 8 to July 31.   

Say ‘Marstrand’ and most Swedes think of Oscar II’s yearly visits, a seaside resort, and regattas. An island grown rich from vast herring catches and then the playground for Gothenburg’s elite who could afford to holiday on the coast. That is a common picture.

There is another Marstrand, though. The island was once a free port or porto franco between 1775 and 1794. About 60 Jews came to Marstrand from the continent, attracted by new trade opportunities such as the Swedish East India Company. It was the start of what became a permanent Jewish presence in Sweden.

The Jewish community on Marstrand have left their mark in the archives and other historical sources. There are many people and places that testify to the exuberance of Marstrand’s Jewish history in all its rich variety. Learn more in our outdoor exhibition on Marstrand this summer!

The exhibition is produced by the Jewish Museum in collaboration with Bohusläns Museum and Judiska Salongen. With thanks to the Ministry of Culture, Region Västra Götaland, Stiftelsen Carl Jacob Lindebergs Fornminnesfond, Swedish Arts Council, Wilhelm & Martina Lundgren Support Fund and Kungälv kommun.

Image: The island of Marstrand, Museum of Gothenburg