About the museum

Jewish museum opens

On 6 June 2019, the new Jewish museum will open in Stockholm’s oldest  synagogue. The museum tells the story of Swedish-Jewish history in its authentic home, Själagårdsgatan 19 in Gamla stan.

A forgotten Jewish heritage which enriches the story of Sweden. The old synagogue is the starting point for the new Jewish Museum to show  almost 300 years of Jewish life in Sweden. History will continue to be made where it all started.

The priority for the Museum’s director, Christina Gamstorp, is an open, accessible meeting place where we can share Swedish-Jewish heritage, Swedish history, and the realities of integration.


— There is something universal about the Jewish story of finding a place in Swedish society.

— Lowering the threshold to the Jewish experience is more important than ever. Showing how we all get  along, despite our differences. Highlighting what unites us and not what divides us. These are urgent issues. It’s never easy to live under the same roof, but when people are tolerant it opens options for everyone and society changes  bit by bit,  says Christina Gamstorp.

Christina Gamstorp, museichef på Judiska museet.